Parunthumpara is a small village, located between Peermade and Thekkady. It is the charming place with huge extend of rock along with the abundant green grass, a hill point blessed with its natural beauty. Parunthumpara- Meaning of the Name The word ‘parunth’ in the local language means Eagle and ‘para’ means rock. It is called Parunthumpara […]


‘Kuttikkanam’ is a village in Idukki district of Kerala in south India. It is 3,500 feet  above sea level and surrounded by lush green tea plantations. It is within the territory of Peermade and 8 Kms from Panchalimedu. From kuttikkanam hills, we can see Panchalimedu and nearby places of Panchalimedu. Beauty of Kuttikkanam Located in one […]

Specialty of Panchalimedu

Speciality of Panchalimedu: Story behind the name Panchalimedu is a beautiful  landscape near the village Amalagiri in Idukki district.The specialty of the place is that the name evolves from the epic depicting the story of pandavas and Droupathy. Also this place is known for religious harmony. We can see temple and cross on the same […]