Thilakan Memmorial Park and Lake

Thilakan Memmorial Park and Lake in Manikkal is yet another developing tourism destination in Peruvanthanam Panchayath, near Mundakkayam. The importance of the place Manikal is that, Padmasree Thilakan spent his early childhood in this place. After the death of Mr. Thilakan, initiative was taken by the Peruvanthanam panchayathu to develop a park and lake in memory of him. First stage of developments completed and the park and lake is open for the public now.


What is nearby?

Ekayam water falls is just 5 kilometers away from Peruvanthanam. The water fall in Anachari is attracting more travelers these days.
The crystal clear water falling from the top of 70ft height rocks, is a pleasant gift for eyes and mind. Developments of these area is in progress.

Ekayam Water fall

Valliyankavu Devi Temple yet another nearest place to visit. Valliyamkavu Devi Temple is a historic Durga temple located near Travancore Rubber and Tea Company. If we travel 15 km from the 35th mile near Mundakkayam, we can reach the temple. Panchalimedu is known as the ‘Moolasthanam’, or the original seat/source of the power of the deity.

Valliyamkavu Devi Temple

What is special in Thilakan Memorial Park

Park and lake are the specials in this place. Kutta vanchi (Bowl Boat) and Pedal boats are available here. This is a best place for taking a quick break from your mundane job and relax yourself. This place can give you peaceful moments with family, chit chat on the flowing boat.

More development activities are going on this place. Surely it is going to be a halt point for all the travelers and nature lovers.