Illikkal Kallu

Illikkal kallu, a major tourism spot in Kottayam district is a beautiful place for trekking enthusiasts. It is one of the highest peak in the western ghats and is situated about 3400 feet above sea level. The name of the place derives from the a huge rock (Kallu in malayalam) situated above Illikal mountain. The uniqueness of this rock is that half of the rock has fallen off, and only the other half remains.

Illikkal  Kallu - Idukki Kerala

Illikkal Kallu is really one of the best places in Kottayam district in Kerala, to see the nature’s beauty. The place has wonderful views but it is not much safe as it is risky to reach the top and it is not suitable place for family trips. Illickal kallu is truly heaven on earth for those who love trekking. It’s a mesmerising valley of mountains and hill rocks.

If you are a trekking enthusiast, then you can’t miss Illikkal Kallu. It is a good place, untouched by the urbanization, a place where you can feel the nature in its origin.The area nearby Illikkal kallu have mountain streams originating from the peak of hills and the Meenachil river.

The major attraction of this place are Illickal Mala, Illickal Kallu and Mankallu Mudikal.The hills at this spot have peculiar shapes like Mushroom and hunchback. This hill station is a place for many rare medicinal plants like Neelakoduveli which is said to have supernatural healing power.

The another attraction of this place is ‘Narakappalam’ which means ‘bridge to hell’. We understand the aptness of the place name when we go through this narrow passage,half feet wide.This place is also very suitable for adventurous people and also able to get fresh air,scenic views etc.

How can we reach Illikkal Kallu?

By Air: Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to Illickal Kallu
By Rail: Kottayam Railway Station is the major railway station closer to this tourism spot (52kms).
By Bus: Frequent buses are available to Erattupetta from Kottayam & all major cities in Kerala. From Erattupetta or Pala you will get direct bus to Mankombu.
By Road: You can come in your private vehicle only near to Pazhukkakaanam (Kottayam -> Erattupetta -> Moonilavu -> Mankompu Temple -> Pazhukakaanam). From there jeeps are available. Trekking lovers can enjoy 3 km walk to reach Illikal Kallu.