Anchuruli, an extension of Idukki dam is a wonderful picnic spot at Idukki, Kattappana. From where one can view the picturesque catchments area of the Idukki dam. The name ‘Anchuruli’ five vessels. The name Anchuruli is derived from five small hills visible in water when the water level is low and these hills looks like five inverted vessels. It provides a bewitching and awesome view of nature. The awesome atmosphere with only sounds of birds, streams and waterfalls, obviously makes a true destination for everybody to relax and be away from the madding crowd and polluted cities.

anchuruli view

Main Attractions of Anchuruli

Anchuruli being famous for its waterfalls, offers a splendid view of semi – evergreen forest grasslands and hilly areas of the Western Ghats. From this place, we can view a subterranean tunnel of 6 km passing through a huge mountain.

Anchuruli Tunnel

The main attraction of the are the large area of water and a large circular tunnel of 4 kilometers length, which brings water from Erattayar dam to the Idukki reservoir. When the water flow is less strong, we can see a small light at the end of the tunnel. During monsoon, the water flow through the tunnel is more and it forms a magnificent waterfall in this place.



10 km from Kattappana

How to reach Anchuruli

By road: Deviate 3 km from Kanchiyar on Kattappana-Kottayam road. When you come from Kattappana, take right turn from Kanchiyar

Best season to visit Anchuruli

August – January

What to do there

If you are interested in swimming, you can spent time in water. If you adventurous, u can go through the tunnel, with most care, depending on the water flow. The place  is also an ideal place for fishing. Trekking also possible with the permission from the Divisional forest office at Kanchiyar.

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